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2013 Victorian Ball - Saturday, January 12, 2013

This year's ball was held on January 12, 2013 and was hosted entirely by the Friends of Rockwood. It was a huge success.

Victorian Ball 2013 Victorian Ball 2013


2012 Victorian Ball

DancersThis year's ball was held on February 25, 2012 and was hosted entirely by the Friends of Rockwood. It was a huge success.

We turned back the hands of time and enjoyed an evening of popular, mid-to -late 19th Century ballroom dancing.  It was an opportunity for everyone to dress in their finest apparel, hob-nob with Civil War “Admirals” & Generals” and meet “Royalty.”  Rumor has it that Queen Victoria came incognito and later donned her blue sash and danced the Circassian Circle Waltz.  This event was attended by people from the Delaware Valley, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Virginia and New York and one dress was as beautiful as the next.  We have some very talented sewers among this group of Civil War Dance enthusiasts. 

The Tapestry Historic Dance Ensemble offered instruction in 19th Century dances such as the Ballroom Waltz and Hillgrove Trio, not to mention the Circassian Circle Waltz.  The music was performed by String Theory and was just as wonderful as it was last year, if not more so.  They are extremely talented musicians and we were very lucky to have them perform for us. 

Miss “Eliza Blackwell Dupree” offered instruction on the customs and etiquette of Victorian courtship including the most popular flowers appropriate for a tussie-mussie…now I challenge you to find out what a tussie-mussie is if you weren’t at the Ball.


Dance callerDancers


2011 Victorian Ball

Grand MarchThe evening started with the Grand March and continued with various dances such as the Virginia Reel, waltz, polka and quadrille. Most everyone was in period lady's dress was prettier than the next. The men looked handsome in a variety of dress from military officers to formal gentlemen of by gone times.

The Friends helped throughout the planning of the Ball by working closely with LorettaSpigel, Rockwood Museum Program Coordinator. We helped her locate a band that was affordable, with the catering menu, etc.; but it was really Loretta who worked so very diligently in putting this event together.  Thank you very much Loretta for all your hard work.  The Carriage House was a perfect setting for such an event.Victorian Dancing

The Friends also held a silent auction, a 50/50 raffle, a wine bar and provided a photographer to take pictures in a Victorian Victorian Dancingvignette setting.  We would be very neglectful if we didn’t thank the many Friends who helped provide wonderful items for the silent auction and donated wine.  We had a wonderful response to our requests and our offerings included Senate cufflinks donated by Senator Chris Coons and a book entitled “History of the United States Capital” donated and inscribed by Senator Tom Carper. We were asked several times during the evening if we would please do it again. It was suggested we have a Fall Harvest Ball and a Spring Ball. We'll see, but it was a truly fanciful night and a lot of fun.


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